We at Brow Aesthetics believe you deserve to look and feel your most best at all times.
We pride ourselves in being highly trained in all aspects of our specialist bespoke skin treatments, and love that we can bring to you treatments with amazing results!
We have a great range of bespoke facials ranging from your basic facial to mesotherapy, chemical peels and even the PrP facial (vampire/plasma rich facial) 
Our product range is a prescriptive results driven range that is affordable but also kind and gentle to your skin.
We use Medik8, Genosys and Epiderma 5 as well as the award winning Caci product range.. 


Using Prescriptive Products – Medik8, Epiderma5 & Genosys

We are dedicated to getting results and we have been specially trained in all the facial treatments we offer.

Our Facials always include a double cleanse,  prescriptive treatment thats been discussed in your consultation, masque application and massage. All our treatments are tailored to you as an individual and what you feel your skin needs are. 

We will map your skin and look at it closely to be able to help and guide you on what we feel is best in your bespoke facial treatment.

You will leave us feeling relaxed, refreshed and your  skin will be glowing, more luminous, hydrated; you will leave us with skin that is looking its very best.. 

Bespoke Facial           £25

Teen Facial                 £20


Is A Non Surgical Intensive Superficial Exfoliation Treatment which you Can See Results & Feel The Difference In One Treatment.

Its Gentle & Has A Sand Blasting Style Technique That Stimulates The Skin To Renew Itself. It Helps To Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Helps With Acne & Pigmentation , Stetch Marks & scars Whilst Removing Dead Skin Cells & Improving Skin Texture.


Express Microdermabrasion Facial                           £25

Deluxe Microdermabrasion                                         £40

Microdermabrasion With Peel                                    £60

Microdermabrasion With Mesotherapy                     £70

Microdermabrasion Back Treatment                         £50

Microdermabrasion Stretch Mark Treatment           £50

Microdermabrasion Décolletage Treatment             £50

Add This Treatment To A Manicure Or Pedicure      £10


Derma Planing

Is Another Method Of Exfoliating The Skin.

Using a Specialist Scalpel We Carefully Remove The Top Layer of Dead Skin Cells As Well As Removing The Vellus Hair That Can Trap Oils And Make Up Into The Pores Causing Break Outs.

This Treatment Gives You ~Instant Results And Leaves You With A Brighter Smoother Complexion…

No Down Time With This Treatment!!!

Glow Bespoke Dermaplane Facial                                     £35

Glow Dermaplane  Deluxe Facial                                       £50

Glow Dermaplane  Deluxe Facial With Mesotherapy     £70


Prescriptive Skin Peels

For Those Who Want Soft Glowing Skin And Don’t Want The Down Time Of Visible Peeling Skin!

These Are A Slow Release Peel Containing Glycolic & Lactic Acids. They Also Contain Anti Oxidants, Vitamins & Minerals .

They Are Suitable For Every Skin Type With Amazing Results For All Skin Conditions..

No Down Time With This Treatment so ideal for lunch time treats or just leaving the clinic with glowing fresh skin!


Bespoke Skin Peel Facial                                                 £35

Deluxe Skin Peel Facial                                                     £50

Deluxe Skin Peel With Mesotherapy Treatment           £75

Deluxe Skin Peel With Dermapen  Treatment              £100

Deluxe Skin Peel With Dermaroller Treatment            £100

Deluxe Skin Peel With Eye Treatment                            £75



A Non Surgical Treatment Which Is a Safe Natural Skin Therapy That Is Ideal For Dry, Dehydrated & Dull Skin… Or For Skin That Needs A Boost.

Treatment Can Be Applied To The Face, Neck Chest & Hands..

Using A Superficial Micro Needle We Tap The Epidermis &  Deliver The Meso Therapy Ingredients..

This Is A Highly Effective Rejuvenating Treatment Which Provides Deep Hydration, Toning Benefits & Cell Regeneration!

Treats Fine Lines, Tones & Tightens Sagging Skin & Repairs Free Radical Damage.

Bespoke Mesotherapy Facial                                                              £60

Deluxe Skin Peel With Mesotherapy Treatment                                £85

Microdermabrasion Facial With Mesotherapy Treatment               £80

Glow Dermaplaning Facial With Mesotherapy Treatment                £85

Bespoke Mesotherapy With Eye Treatment                                        £85

Bespoke Mesotherapy Wth Dermaroller/Dermapen Treatment    £115


Add To A Hand Treatment                                                                £15.00

Micro- Needling

Using A Medical Dermal Roller Or Our Derma Pen We Can Stimulate The Skin To Regenerate And Repair Itself. 

The Skin Plumps & Thickens In Response To The Treatment, This Can Then Safely Create A  Healthier, Smoother,  Brighter Younger Looking Skin..

It Can Treat And Improve The Appearance Of…

Ageing                               Pigmentation

Sun Damaged Skin           Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Stretch Marks                  Uneven Skin tone


Bespoke Treatments With Derma Roller/Derma pen Start From        £75                   

Specialist Facials..

Aesthetics Plasma Facial Therapy                 £150                                                                     

PrP Therapy Is a Treatment Which Uses Your Own Blood Platelets To Stimulate New Cell Growth, Helping to Improve Your Complexion, Skin Texture & To Restore Lost Facial Volume & Also Tighten The Skin

We Take Your Blood & Spin It In A Centrifuge, Which Separates The Blood Cells From Your Plasma & Platelets. We Then Use It to stimulate collagen and new skin cells.

 PRP Harnesses The Beneficial Functions Of Your Platelets & Therefore There Is No Risk Of Allergy To The Treatment

PRP Can Also Be Successful To Treat Thinning Hair & Hair Loss Particularly Male Pattern Baldness, Scars & Stretchmark’s..

 Consultation Are Recommended


Aesthetics Carbon Laser Facial                                     £125

A Carbon Peel Is A Revolutionary Laser Treatment That Is Completely Painless With No Downtime., 

It Provides An Instant Refreshed Appearance & Leaves Skin Feeling Softer, Smoother & Firmer.

This Treatment Provides Many Benefits, it Cleanses, Exfoliates, Rejuvenates & Destroys Oil & Acne Bacteria

It Also Shrinks Pores & Improves Skin Texture.

Treatments Can Be Performed On Any Part Of The Body, Including The Back & Chest.

Noticeable Results Can Be Seen After A Single Treatment, For Maximum Long-Term Results We Recommend Regular Treatments.


Consultation Are Recommended

Monthly Payment Plans Are Available, Please Ask At Your Free Consultation

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