Semi Permanent Make up

Semi Permanent make up can enhance your brows, eyes and lips with results that last, meaning you can save time with your daily make up routine and also feel confident every day! 
Whether it’s filling a gap in your brow or creating a soft natural eyeliner to make your eyes stand out, or even accentuating your lips, semi permanent make up can give you a soft natural look which is ideal for when you don’t want to wear any make up or want to go for that minimal make up look!
We tailor to each and every individual client a treatment that’s bespoke to them.

Do you want to look your best whatever time of day it is? 
Then semi permanent make up may be for you, it can help save you time with your morning routine and can enhance your eye, lips or brows..

We like to bespoke our treatments to each individual client as everyone has different expectations and needs.. 

We like to create a natural look that can be accentuated for an evening, or create a more alluring glamorous look we let you decide the look you feel may be the look you prefer.. 

At consultation we take our time to give you as much information as we can and explain in detail what happens during the treatment and what aftercare we advise you to follow..
We also like to make sure you are comfortable during the procedure and use a pre numbing cream as well as a prescription only product through out the treatment, which is again a personal prescription to you the client.. 

At consultation we take a lot of time to talk to you about pigment colour and design and also patch test you in preparation for your appointment.
We discuss your medical health background to make sure that semi permanent make up is a suitable treatment for you..

We like to conduct consultations on a 1-2-1 basis so that it is personal and private and you have our full attention!

So there is no need to be nervous with us, we are here to reassure you and we like the use some of the best products on the market to give you a semi permanent make up look that will boost your confidence .. 


Eyebrows are an important part in framing and dressing the eyes, but unfortunately quite a few of us are not blessed with beautiful natural eyebrows that are perfect and symmetrical.
This treatment for the brows can enhance as well as correct a lot of imperfections and flaws.. 
Naturally fine or sparser brows, over-plucked or over-waxed brows. 
A more common thing we come across is unsymmetrical brows, we can correct this and create a natural, realistic hair stroke brow or soft powdered and ombré brows using a number of different techniques using a digital machine or microblading dependant on the look and style of brows you, as the client have in mind..
Also if you have Alopecia or Trichotillomania these treatments can really help give you back your confidence..

3D Bespoke Tailored Microbladed Feathered Brows                                    £225 

Microbladed Powdered Brows                                                                         £175
Combination Microbladed Powdered & Feathered Brows                          £275
Nano Hair Stroke Brows (Using A Digital Machine)                                     £270
Powdered Ombré Brows (Using A Digital Machine)                                    £250
Combination Hair Stroke & Powdered Brows (Using Digital Machine)     £295
Yearly Colour Boost Top Ups

Colour Boost With in 6 Months                £90
Colour Boost With In 12 Months             £120
Colour Boost With In 18 Months             £160

Eyes can be defined and accentuated with a semi permanent eyeliner that lasts 24 hours a day 7 days a week.. 
A lash enhancement eyeliner can make lashes look darker & thicker and give you a natural eye make up look and a soft eyeliner gives you a more made up make up look, so there is no need to worry about smudging or the panda eye look we all suffer from, from time to time! 
There’s also no worrying when going to the gym or to the swimming pool with a semi permanent eyeliner..
There’s a choice of top or bottom eyeliner or if you like the full look have the top and bottom done together, we discuss all your options and expectations in consultation to make sure we give you the best finished look..
Lash Enhancement Top                              £140
Lash Enhancement Top & Bottom             £185
Soft Eyeliner Top & Bottom                         £200
Touch ups Within 12 months                      £85


Do you have a favourite lipstick that just doesn’t last that long on your lips or bleeds out? 
With our lip treatment we like to give you a beautiful improved shaped with a lovely soft colour or tint that lasts.. 
So whether it’s crisping up the lip line and creating a soft blush or giving you a full coloured lip that lasts 24 hours a day, we can design and bespoke a lip colour just for you..
This treatment can help restore shape that has been lost as we age and bring back and transform thin or even uneven lips.. 
This treatment is great for covering any scars in the lip area  and bring back symmetry to the lip shape.. 
Soft Lip Blush                                  £200
Full lip Colour                                  £250
Touch Ups With In 12 Months     £100

Monthly payment plans are available, please ask at your free consultation

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