Laser Tattoo Removal 

Laser tattoo removal is a simple, but safe treatment to remove those unwanted tattoos whether its body tattoos or semi permanent make up, and you can get fantastic results. 
By using our Q Switch Nd Yag laser machine, we can target ink in the tattoo by allowing the light that is produced by the laser to pass through into the skin, which will break up the tattoo ink into lots of tiny particles.
We also have 2 levels of specialist cream remover which we can use along side the laser to get optimum results!
We also bring to you using our Q Switch Nd Yag laser machine the Aesthetics Carbon laser facial which gently exfoliates, rejuvenates and destroys oil and acne bacteria and can shrink open pores.. 
This treatment can be used anywhere on the body with noticeable results after 1 treatment.
We use specialist laser lens’ that then help us target certain colours in body tattoo or semi permanent make up tattoos.. 
The pulses of light that emits from our laser shatters the pigment in the skin and breaks it up, then over a few weeks the macrophages in our body (these are present in our immune system) will eliminate the pigment naturally.
We are lucky to be able to use a cream remover also to help draw some of the pigment out of the skin, these are of medical grade and are very safe and we are trained to the highest level to use them. 
A lot of people worry about the treatment and is it painful?!
We can tell you it’s not! It’s initially like an elastic band flicking onto your skin, but you quickly get used to this feeling.. 
For those who are sensitive we recommend a pre numbing cream be applied to the area 45 mins prior to treatment and this can help keep the discomfort to a minimum.. 
 We use a cryo handset which can be applied to the area once the tattoo removal treatment has been finished, this cools the area instantly as the skin can become warm and red and that is because our bodies natural inflammatory response kicks in! 
We always give you aftercare advice to take away with you, and this is also given to you at consultation where we check your medical history to make sure you are suitable to go ahead with the treatment.. 
 We like to recommend a course of treatments starting with 6-8 but some people may need more up, this is all dependant on your bodies natural response and healing capabilities and how the tattoo fades.. 
We always provide a patch test at consultation if wanting to go ahead with treatment, it’s very important to check how the body and tattoo reacts before going ahead with treatment. We would then normally book you in 14 days later for 1st treatment.. 
Treatments are taken every 6-8 weeks apart (10 weeks max if in a course) ..
Treatments can take 5 – 60 minutes dependant on size of tattoo..
Consultations are free..
Patch tests are charged at £10, this is redeemable against all courses or treatments booked.. 

Prices per sessions starting from

 £35                up to a 2.5cm sq tattoo (small)

 £65                up to 5cm sq (medium)

 £100              up to 10cm sq (large)

 £145              up to 15cm sq (extra large)

Above 15cm sq prices on request..

Pay for a course of 6 and receive 20% off!

Pigmentation spots removal                     £35 per area 

Semi permanent make up removal         £50 per session (brows & lips) 

Nail fungal treatments                              £35 per session 

Monthly payment plans are available, please ask at your free consultation

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