Do you have unwanted hair that you are sick of waxing or shaving?
Our Ipl laser machine can reduce hair from most parts of the body including legs, upper lip & chin, bikini line, underarms and back to name just a few areas!
IPL is infinitely more comfortable than most conventional methods of hair removal like waxing, and electrolysis and is fast, non time consuming treatment.
Our Ipl machine can also produce fantastic results for a number of skin conditions including; rosacea, pigmentation, acne, broken blood capillaries, thread veins, cherry angiomas and fine lines and wrinkles..
We use a specialist Ipl machine that is painless (it feels more like a warm sensation on the skin) and we can treat both men and women on literally any area of the body! 
With the Ipl machine we are targeting the hair bulb to destroy it and this can take a few treatments, as each hair on our body has it’s own life cycle and we are trying to target the hair when it’s in it’s growing active stage, which once targeted and successfully destroyed will then  stop that hair from growing back! 
This is why we recommend courses of treatments as we can target hairs in their different growing stages and eventually reduce hair growth upto and over 90%.. 
You may get a slight reddening of the skin,and it may feel slightly warm but this quickly calms down and we treat each area with our cryo handset which cools the area.. 
We always recommend a minimum of 6 treatments taken every 4-6 weeks with Ipl hair reduction.. 
You may find you need extra sessions and we can look at this as we go through the treatment and see how the hair is reacting to the treatment.. 
We always like to offer a patch test with our consultations as we like to check your skins sensitivity to the Ipl laser. 
At consultation we check your medical history and skin type to make sure you are suitable to go ahead with the treatment.
We also like to go over all the aftercare advice with you at consultation and again at the end of each treatment… 
Patch tests are £20 and this is redeemable against any treatment or course booked.. 
Consultations are free.. 
Treatments can take 5-60 mins dependant on area we are treating.. 
We offer monthly payment plans to make this an affordable treatment.. 
Prices start from £30 per session 
We can treat .. 
Lip                       Neck                  Full leg                Feet
Chin                    Shoulders          Bikini                  Hands
Nipples               Cheeks              Underarms        Buttocks 
Chest                  Abdomen          Back
Half leg              Arms                  Sides of face 
For more Information we recommend booking a consultation .. 
We also use our Ipl machine for skin rejuvenation and can treat certain skin conditions gently and safely..
We can improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles, remove pigmentation, roseaca, thread veins and broken capillaries.
Ipl laser is also a great treatment for treating acne. 
The Ipl laser can improve fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating the bodies natural collagen rejuvenation helping plump the skin and giving the skin a smoother appearance..
With Acne treatments it targets the bacteria in the skin that causes acne and helps kill it and then improve skin texture , it also helps improve the look of scars that can be left behind due to the acne, giving you back your confidence and glowing clear skin.. 
The treatment can make you feel like your skin is warm afterwards and redness can occur.. 
It may also feel like tiny little pin pricks on the area which has been treated but again we can use our cryo handset on the area to calm and cool it down.. 
If you are concerned you can pop a little pre numbing cream on the area to make it more comfortable.. 
Aloe Vera is great to use on the treated area as it has natural healing and cooling properties.. 
We go through all aftercare with you at consultation and talk through your treatment expectations.. 
As with all our treatments we like to perform a patch test to check how your skin will react and can proceed with treatment as little as 48 hours later.. 
We recommend courses of 3 treatments minimum and ideally you leave 3 weeks between treatments dependant on what condition has been treated.. 
Consultations are free
Patch tests are £20- redeemable against all courses or treatments booked
Treatments take 5-60 minutes
Prices start from £35 
Payment plans are available so please ask at consultation.. 
To find out more information please book a consultation where we can perform a skin analysis and a bespoke treatment plan specifically for you.. 

Monthly payment plans are available, please ask at your free consultation

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